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#REDIRECT World Conservation Monitoring Centre
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texts texts 117
unep-wcmc 22
caldwell, j., unep-wcmc 4
coad, l., corrigan, c., campbell, a., granziera, a., burgess, n., fish, l., ravilious, c., mills, c., miles, l., kershaw, f., lysenko, i., pavese, h., besançon, c., unep-wcmc 3
j. caldecott, l. miles (eds), unep-wcmc 2
wells, s., ravilious, c., corcoran, e., unep-wcmc 2
abbiw, d., agbovie, t., akuetteh, b., amponsah, k., dennis, f., ekpe, p., gillett, h., ofosuhene-djan, w., owusu-afriyie, g., unep-wcmc 1
ash, n. jenkins, m., unep-wcmc 1
balmford, a., rodrigues, a. (university of cambridge), walpole, m. (wcmc), ten brink, p., kettunen, m. (ieep) braat, l. de groot, r. (alterra), department of zoology, ieep, unep-wcmc, alterra 1
blyth, s., groombridge, b., lysenko, i., miles, l., newton, a., unep-wcmc 1
brown, c., corcoran, e., herkenrath, p., thonell , j. (eds)., unep dewa, unep-wcmc 1
bubb, p., fish, l., kapos, v., unep-wcmc 1
bubb, p., jenkins, m., kapos, v., unep-wcmc, mnp-rivm (netherlands environmental assessment agency) 1
bubb, p., may, i., miles, l., sayer, j., unep-wcmc 1
bubb, p., unep-wcmc et al 1
bystriakova, n., kapos, v., stapleton, c., lysenko, i., unep-wcmc, inbar 1
caldwell, j, unep-wcmc 1
campbell a., chenery a., coad l., kapos v., kershaw f., scharlemann j.p.w., dickson b., unep-wcmc 1
campbell, a., kapos, v., lysenko, i., scharlemann, j., dickson, b., gibbs, h., hansen, m., miles, l., unep-wcmc 1
campbell, a., miles. l., lysenko, i., hughes, a., gibbs, h., unep-wcmc 1
cbd, unep-wcmc and the national institute for public health and environment 1
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